• Historical Fiction

    Betrayal: Historical Stories

    "Loyalty breaks as easily as a silken thread." Misplaced trust, power hunger, emotional blackmail, and greed haunt twelve characters from post-Roman Britain to the present day. And betrayal by family, lover, comrade can be even more devastating. Read twelve tales by twelve accomplished writers who explore these historical yet timeless challenges. AD455—Roman leader Ambrosius is caught in a whirlpool of shifting allegiancesAD940—Alyeva and cleric Dunstan navigate the dangers of the Anglo Saxon court1185—Knight Stephan fights for comradeship, duty, and honour. But what about love?1330—The powerful Edmund of Kent enters a tangled web of intrigue1403—Thomas Percy must decide whether to betray his sovereign or his family1457—Estelle is invited to the King of Cyprus’s court, but deception awaits1483—Has Elysabeth made the right decision to bring Prince Edward to London?1484—Margaret Beaufort contemplates the path to treason1577—Francis Drake contends with disloyalty at sea1650—Can James Hart, Royalist highwayman, stop a nemesis destroying his friend?1718—Pirate Annie Bonny, her lover Calico Jack, and a pirate hunter. Who will win?1849/present—Carina must discover her ancestor’s betrayer in Italy or face ruin. “I read this anthology from start to finish in a matter of days…. Each story is gripping.”– Discovering Diamonds Reviews