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    Mary’s Renewal: a Clean Western Historical Romance Novel

    Bestseller and Kindle All-Star authors Ellen Anderson with Katie Wyatt!, Clean and Wholesome American Mail Order Bride Historical Western Romance. Now Available as a value box set Complete Series amazon.com/dp/B0C2BHXWYF (copy and paste the link into your browser) Oh, dear reader, prepare to be swept away into a world of uncertainty and passion! Nora, the insistent sister of Mary, is convinced that their only option is to pack up and move out west to the rugged and unpredictable Cripple Creek in Colorado. Despite her reservations, Mary reluctantly agrees to the plan and finds herself thrust into a world of adventure. As Mary adjusts to her new surroundings, she can’t help but fall head over heels for the alluring charm of Cripple Creek and the enigmatic Doc Simon. However, Simon’s mysterious past casts a shadow of doubt on their budding romance. Mary’s world is turned upside down when she stumbles upon some shocking revelations about Simon’s hidden secrets.The discovery leaves Mary grappling with her own trust issues and uncertain about whether she can continue to put her faith in Simon or herself. Buckle up and join us on a thrilling ride through the Wild West, where love and passion reign supreme. Along the way, you’ll meet a cast of colorful characters and witness the beauty of a town filled with locals who are as unpredictable as the landscape that surrounds them. Don’t miss out on this tantalizing tale of love, secrets, and adventure! Grab your copy now and prepare to be whisked away to the frontier. Cripple Creek Colorado Gold Romance Series Book 1 Mary’s RenewalBook 2 Delia’s StrengthBook 3 Melody’s CourageBook 4 Veronica’s ChallengeBook 5 Jessamine’s MissionBook 6 Tessa’s ReturnBook 7 Lauren’s PerseveranceBook 8 Claire’s AdventureBook 9 Evelyn’s HopeBook 10 Louisa’s FaithBook 11 Nora’s WishBook 12 Rita’s Gift Ellen Anderson’s Clean and Wholesome novelette American Mail Order Bride Historical Western box set romance series is enjoyable for all ages. Read more