• Paranormal

    Blaize and the Maven: The Energetics Book 1

    The first in a captivating series of romance and magic, family and loyalty, love and power. What happens when you’re caught up in someone else’s prophecy?An irritating, sexy and annoyingly smart someone? Blaize is a powerful but inexperienced energetic. Having only just passed her first Chakra Trial, Manipura, fire, she is sent to Canada to an expert Maven to be trained in her second energy: Ajna, or the mind. Her Maven is the mysterious and reluctant Cuinn, who has problems of his own. When he discovers that Blaize is part of the prophecy, he knows her training needs accelerating – but he’s not prepared for the heat she brings to his normally calm and ordered world. And Blaize loves a fire… But both Cuinn and Blaize have secrets of their own, secrets that could destroy their partnership before it’s begun – a partnership that has far greater importance than they realize. Will they trust each other before it’s too late? Smart and sexy“Adventure, romance, great characters, and a smart, imaginative story. I was quickly absorbed and didn’t stop reading for two days. Highly recommend!”-Five Star Review on Amazon Read more