• Historical Fiction

    Barrack Five: A Holocaust Story (Book 1 of the Barracks Series)

    The ghosts of the past don’t always stay silent… When Vilém Rehor takes a security job at a former concentration camp, he assumes it will be dreary, but uneventful. But when someone starts carving their name onto the walls of Barrack Five, his supposedly boring job becomes more than he bargained for. Though he tries to catch the culprit and stop them from vandalizing the historic landmark, Vilém can’t figure out how they’re doing it—he never sees anyone, but that doesn’t mean he’s alone… As he delves deeper into the mystery of the vandal, he realizes that the Holocaust isn’t over for everyone. The spirit of a girl long gone reveals herself, desperate to be heard. Can Vilém help this restless soul? Barrack Five is a historical fiction novelette filled to the brim with emotion and mystery.