• Paranormal

    Conquest (Seven Seals Book 1)

    Fate is a bitch.Connell was a wealthy business man at the top of his game until sh#% hit the fan and he was thrown into the world of the paranormal. He was meant to cause the end of the world. Well hell to the NO!!! That ain’t happening. Breena failed and it cost her sister her life. Now she has a job at Connell’s office to get closer to his partner Grady. The only problem? Grady isn’t the man she’s been sent to kill. Oh and she’s the fated mate to the first horseman of the apocalypse. With demonic forces surrounding them, will Connell and Breena be able to do what it takes to stop them? Or will they lose this battle as well as their hearts? WARNING: This is a Dark Paranormal Romance. Some scenes may make some readers uncomfortable. There are some MM themes and violence. Read at your own risk.