• Young Adult

    Shadows: A Paranormal Academy Series (Academy of Magical Beings Book 1)

    Alyssa’s a student at one of the most prestigious academies for magical beings. Not that she’s much of a magical being. She’s one of three sisters, descended from a mother who is an expert in magickry, and yet she can’t control her magic. Not a lick. Wait. There’s more. It’s no surprise that Alyssa’s life’s on a roller coaster. She’s being followed by Shadows, spirits called forth from the afterlife to do the bidding of a dark magic wielder. She’s met a cute guy who is possibly more socially awkward than she is. She’s got a new birthmark that her mother seems to know something of and yet won’t tell Alyssa a thing about it. What else could possibly go wrong? Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Allies: a New Adult Urban Fantasy

    Morgan’s a college dropout with a set of disappointed parents and a part-time job at Shadow Vale Books. Nothing special, right? Especially when she’s compared to sister Isabella, who apparently can do no wrong. Nothing special at all, until one day a mysterious codex and an enigmatic ring appear on the bookshelves of Shadow Vale Books. These appearances are intensified when a shadow figure decides to join the party. Matters ratchet up when a hot guy named Azril shows up. A guy who is definitely not human.
  • Paranormal


    Vivianne Devereaux’s a witch. Of the W variety, not the B variety. She’s also a Devereaux, a fact which seems to spell death for her. On the run from a creepy, d-bag ex, who happens to be a warlock, she finds out she’s inherited an island. Sort of. It’s sort of an island and she’s sort of inherited it. Vivi has to do some work to keep that island, and naturally, the work is of the magic kind. And she’s sworn off magic. Quick Alvarez is more than head of security for Skull Point Cay. He’s the adopted son of the last island owner. By all rights, he should be the heir to the island. After all, he’s invested in seeing his adopted mother’s dreams come true. But he’s not the magic type. No, Quick’s a wolf shifter. And the island can’t be inherited by anyone who doesn’t do magic. And by damn, Quick has no magic skills. Now he’s got to protect the island from Vivianne Devereaux, while at the same time protect Vivianne from the forces that seem hellbent on killing her. The fact that he’s attracted to her, that’s not a bonus. At all.