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    Love’s Transformation: An Epic, Post-Apocalyptic Heroine’s Courageous Journey (The Love Series Book 1)

    A Teen Girl’s Courageous, Heroic Journey In the first book in The Love Series, teenager Batu fearlessly speaks out against injustice in a post-apocalyptic male-dominated society. Unwilling to subject herself to a barbaric ritual, she insults the High Priest creating a persistent enemy. Selfishly, she marries the Story Teller to continue her quest for knowledge but the marriage turns into a test of wills. The death of her husband and her baby cause Batu to lose worth as defined by law, and the council decrees she is to be expelled from the village to face certain death. With the Healer’s help, she gains a deeper understanding of life as she faces tragedies, final expulsion, and death courageously and heroically. If you enjoy The Nightingale, The Celestine Prophecy, Sensible Shoes, and The Alchemist you’ll love reading The Love Series by Emil Toth. The Love Series delves into love’s transformational abilities, its involvement with courage, its ability to sacrifice life itself, its enriching wisdom, its ennobling grace, and the power of its forgiveness. Start reading now by clicking on the Look Inside feature above and order your copy of Love’s Transformation to discover the transformational power of love.