• Paranormal

    Come Here, Kitten (God of War Book 1)

    When the most feared alpha invades my family’s territory with a fleet of warriors and declares that I’m his mate, I want to kill him. He has terrorized hundreds of wolves while looking for the Malavite Stone—a crystal packed with ungodly powers and healing properties—and I refuse to be another one of his victims. But if I don’t leave with him, he vows to slaughter all my packmates. I’ve suffered enough under my mother’s cruel rule and judgment. And I don’t have the cold heart to let my loved ones die. With a pack of bloodthirsty rogues desperate to kill me, leaving with my fated mate is far more dangerous than anyone thinks, but I’m determined to bring this alpha to his knees with my trusty cat sidekick. Find out if I can when you download Come Here, Kitten, a steamy paranormal romance that fans of Suzanne Wright and K.F. Breene will devour! One click to start reading today! Read more