• Young Adult

    The Alchemist’s Daughter : A Lesbian YA Fantasy Romance Novel

    For her 15th birthday Hilda receives the Book of Silence from her father. This will enable her to make gold – if she can figure out the riddles in the book. All Hilda dreams of is to be a great alchemist like her father and work with him in creating the Philosopher’s Stone. The 18-year-old countess, Ellen has not been able to give her husband a much sought-after heir after three years of marriage. Desperate to fulfill her role as a wife she seeks out Hilda for help. The meeting starts a spark, that neither of them could have possibly imagined. After an accidental kiss at a court party, Ellen quickly leaves the capital for her country estate. Hilda rushes after her to apologize. To make amends to Ellen she promises to help her figure out how to conceive a child while posing as a maid at the estate. The two are determined not to act on the sparks between them – but it is easier said than done. The Alchemist’s Daughter is the first book in the series by the same name. Read more