• Romance

    Sir Jasper (A Year of Surrender Book 1)

    One year. Twelve strangers. An unbreakable contract. The first time I saw the secluded mountain-top villa, I thought it was beautiful.Then I met the powerful men who owned such a place. They forced me to bow down before I knew their names. Exposed me to their hungry eyes. I’m their prisoner for a year. This is all thanks to my dead father. He left me a massive diamond mine. Everyone here wants it… marrying me is the only way. 12 months. Each one dedicated to a different gorgeous, wicked man to do as he pleases. And at the end they’ll fight over me in an auction. There’s no love here. No kindness.That’s what I tell myself so I can resist.Because if I thought for a second that one of these tempting strangers could fall for me, heart and soul, I’d lose the only power I have. If I fall in love…That’s when I’ll truly surrender. A Year of Surrender: Book 1