• Mysteries & Thrillers

    Dog Days Murderous Nights: Winnona Peaks Mysteries Book 1

    Winning at ALL costs… can be costly. Christy Roberts, owner of Alfie’s Bed & Breakfast, has been getting a nice flow of customers due to the Winnona Peak’s Annual Dog Show.When one of the shows participants J.W. Augustine turns up dead in his room at Alfie’s Bed &Breakfast, Christy is determined to find out if this was an accident or a stealthy-murder. With a complicated trio of possible suspects in play, each with motive, Christy, along with her two trusty Pomeranians are set to find out who is the killer. But this one could get a little hairy. Find out what happens in book one of the Winnona Peaks Mystery! Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Maddie’s Recipe Of Mysteries (A Rockcrest Cove Cozy Mystery Book 1)

    The sweet smell of success… a bitter dose of death! For baker Madeline McDougal, life is sweet, literally. As a bakery owner, Madeline spends her days baking a large variety of tasty treats. A skill passed down to her by her late Mother. Madeline’s pastries are a hit with not just locals, but people from all across the country. But as of late… business has been waning. Yet everything changes when Madeline notices that the backdoor of her shop has been tampered with, and is led to an even more gruesome discovery. When the local police chief begins his investigation, Madeline becomes the prime suspect. Is she really a suspect? Or just a pawn in a dangerous game? Read more