• Mysteries & Thrillers

    Premedicated Murder: a Psychic Mystery

    Check out the first book in the Medium with a Heart Series Paranormal Mystery. Following her husband’s death, Joanna tries regaining her long-blocked psychic powers. Fake it until you make it becomes her motto. Though she may not be the most honest medium, she tries to bring her clients peace and closure during their grief. With the help of her two amazing assistants and her charismatic personality, her fame grows allowing her to pay off the debt from her husband’s death. It’s her fame that leads to her being contacted by a local pharmaceutical executive, Jeremy Landon. He begs for help him find a killer. Why should she help him? She’s a medium, not a homicide detective. What skills does she have? The only skill that matters – she can see him. After her initial surprise to have her powers back wears on, she digs into the investigation, Joanna finds herself caught up in this bizarre request endangering her life, but with the help of her assistants and a sexy detective, she may pull this off. Read more