• Young Adult

    The Edict of Scion (Crown of Favor Book 1)

    Maia hasn’t told anyone she’s the long-lost princess betrothed to Prince Connor. She especially can’t tell them now that she’s used her secret magic to ingrain herself into his elite school.She desperately wants to meet him, just once… But her romantic hopes are crushed when she finds out that he’s immune to her magic… He actually hates her. He hates everyone. And NO ONE hates Maia. It’s impossible… But it won’t last too much longer. Soon she’ll have to leave before she is hunted again, before her true identity is revealed. For now she can be a normal kid and enjoy having a secret crush. Until her magic backfires and she is forced to play matchmaker for her soul mate… Now Connor hates her even more, and she can’t blame him. But Connor needs her special skills when two intruders enter the school and corner them. Maia knows they’re not looking for Prince Connor. They have magic and know her name, her true name… Read more