• Horror

    Surviving the Unsurvivable: Mutation

    An alien virus. An ever evolving genetic mutation. An apocalyptic event like no other… Two weeks is all it takes for the world as we know it to end. A cosmic dust cloud contaminated with an alien virus infects the world’s population, bringing the newly dead back to life. With each bite, a new mutation of the virus emerges, creating even more dangerous predators. The world is soon overrun with the three deadliest creatures mankind has ever faced. Zombies are the dead who reanimate and attack the living. They create a faster and stronger version of themselves from a single bite or scratch. Mutants are the next deadly mutation. Thin, lanky, and nearly hairless, they rule the daylight while their descendants, the night hunters own the darkness. Superior strength, along with long teeth and razor-sharp claws, makes the night hunters the world’s new top predator. The one thing each of the creatures has in common is that humans are their primary source of food… Read more