• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Of Sporks, Overlords, and Moon Worms: The Starship Ass Prequels

    Do you like funny, fast-paced space opera featuring space pirates, surly artificial intelligences, dashing rogues, alien artifacts, and deadly surprises? You’ll love these three stories from the Starship Ass universe: Escape From Aresh Five: A daring prison break to liberate the notorious pirate, Redbeard. A spork is the key. The Overlord of Kepler-186f: The AI’s mission? Terraform this rock into a habitable planet for humanity (and hope those morons never arrive). Moon of Ontera: "Space raptors, my ass!" A dashing rogue is tasked with stealing artifacts of an ancient alien race. If only they ever existed. This collection can be enjoyed at any time. Read these stories before, after, or even while you’re enjoying Books One-thru-Three of the Starship Ass trilogy!