• Horror

    Discrete: a Litrpg Redemption Saga

    The Realm Online needs a hero. He’ll have to grow up first. Billy’s a friendless teen and child of divorce, but when he’s playing The Realm Online? He’s a legend. Not just a legend, but a god amongst men. Some say he’s a no-skill hack, that he’s nothing without the mysterious artifact weapon known across the lands as Banhammer. With a unique fighting style perfected over the course of beating the endgame content (twice), Bronan is above needing friends—or a guild, for that matter.  Lily of House Hathur is another matter. She isn’t merely a conniving you-know-what out to get him killed…IRL she’s also his sister. When their parents split, so did she, and now he won’t stop trying to ruin her reputation. Can Billy ever forgive his sister for abandoning him—or will his single-minded rage drive her to the brink? Get this book now to find out, and enjoy the opening blow in the eternal struggle between Good and Evil—and brother and sister—in the Banhammer Chronicles. WARNING: This book contains depictions of bullying and the shadowy underbelly of teenage sibling relationships. It’s also at times humorous—and sweet. The main character is what we’d consider to be an anti-hero and may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Will he earn redemption? That’s precisely the story we’ll explore in the subsequent BANHAMMER CHRONICLES, starting with REBUILD. Read more