• Young Adult

    When We Were Strangers: Ya Gay Romance

    Before One Little Word brought a sarcastic nerd and clueless jock together, they were strangers…Ryan is a pretty interesting guy. He’s smart, a decent baker, and other things too. But right now? He’s on a busy farm in the middle of the day… and he’s not wearing pants. Or any clothes at all. Plus, his nemesis, Luke the handsome jerk, is right over there, so he needs to take care of this situation. Fast. Without dying of embarrassment, if possible. While Ryan goes on a quest for clothes, his friends have their own adventures. Like Zach crashing a wedding and trying to charm an older groomsman into loosening up. And Luke accidentally challenges Ryan to a heated battle of strength. What happens before these opposites attract, and will it hurt their chances of ever becoming something more? Told in four short stories, When We Were Strangers is an M/M prequel that can be read as a standalone YA novel. If you like zany characters and humor, you’ll enjoy this fun, adorable LGBT book.
  • Young Adult

    Summer Romance: YA M/M Novel (Such Sweet Summer)

    Can one summer change everything?Neil’s first job at a grocery store isn’t exactly glamorous, but at least he’s earning a paycheck. Just when the 15-year-old is resigned to a boring summer asking customers if they prefer paper or plastic, he meets his good-looking coworker Carter Ford. Popular Carter and socially awkward Neil are from different worlds at their high school, but they’re equals at the store. They’re coworkers. And maybe more? Getting Carter’s attention feels like a dream come true, but the time to wake up is fast approaching. Because when summer ends, their relationship will end too unless Neil can convince Carter to follow his heart. Summer Romance is YA M/M novel about first crushes, secret relationships, and adorable boys with hidden loves of cats and cheesy pop music.