• Romance

    Feather: A Dark Romance: Gilded Cage Prequel

    The story of Gilded Cage begins with mafia princess Ophelia and twins out to own her… But there’s a villain preying in the darkness, and he’s almost ready to strike.Ophelia Sokolov. Innocent, beautiful and spoiled. The daughter of a Russian mafia kingpin, I get everything I want with the click of my fingers. Except for him.I’ve been in love with Ryker for years, but I’m supposed to marry his brother, Max. Until that one fateful day, celebrating my eighteenth birthday when everything changes. There’s evil lurking in the shadows, just like Papa said. And this time, I won’t be able to hide… Fawn Bailey is the pen name of USA Today bestselling author Isabella Starling. Feather is the prequel to the Gilded Cage trilogy. Reading Order: Feather (FREE Gilded Cage prequel)Wings (Gilded Cage book 1)Flight (Gilded Cage book 2)Nightbird (Gilded Cage book 3)