• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Her Dark Protector: A Dark, Dystopian Captive Romance. (The Gates of Fortorus Book 1)

    Britain on the brink. A forbidden romance. The fight for survival.  In 2024, Great Britain is a cruel place. Injustice, angst and pain are widespread. Caroline Craness is a hostage to the state because of her gender, judged for her morality and forced into captivity.  But Caroline is strong. She’s a fighter, and risks her life to help her friend, only to land in serious trouble. Enter the Commander General–the man in charge of the largest concentration camp since the Second World War. The man who rescues her.  As the fight to survive becomes a fight to save her heart, rules are broken and passions collide.  The new order has taken her liberty, but the Commander General demands much more. He wants her soul.  Caroline’s choices won’t only determine her own fate. They could decide the plight of the whole country.  From USA Today bestselling author, Felicity Brandon, comes an edgy new dystopian romance. Hold tight, and let this fast-paced, twisted love affair leave you breathless.  Scroll up and grab your copy now! What readers are saying about Her Dark Protector…  ★★★★★ “Dark, alluring, shocking.”  ★★★★★ “A simply stunning and engrossing read!”  ★★★★★ “This has the feel of one of my all-time favorite books, The Handmaid’s Tale.”  ★★★★★ “A captivating Dark Romance!”