• Horror

    Slayer’s Pursuit: A Supernatural Urban Fantasy Adventure (Moonshadow Academy Book 1)

    I’m the daughter of the world’s greatest Nightwatcher and I’m going to find out why he disappeared. To do that, I must enter the Moonshadow Academy, an intense training institute for young mages, and work my way to becoming a licensed demon-slayer. For the next three years, I’ll be training and competing with other mages who all want to bear the title of Nightwatcher. Especially the star student, and all-around beautiful jerk, Desmond Dawn. But things don’t appear to be what they seem within the walls of the academy. When students start going missing, and Demons begin invading our grounds, I begin to wonder if it’s connected to my father’s disappearance. There might be a traitor in the Academy. Someone who has more to lose than I do. And the truth might be even scarier than all the lies… Slayer’s Pursuit is book one in the Moonshadow Academy series; a YA/NA Supernatural Urban Fantasy series full of magic, demons and sarcasm. Join Ronnie on this action-packed tale of good versus evil. Read more