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    FIRST THINGS That Last FOREVER (Little Books About the MAGNITUDE OF GOD Book 1)

    Are you struggling? Are you anxious? Do you feel defeated or alone, even though you have accomplished much in your life? Are you happy with what you have, or do you constantly have to replace these things with new ones? Is there always another plateau you have to reach? Do the things that you own and your success give you peace? Is there anything in this world that lasts forever? What is there that we can see and touch that will not eventually lose its attraction and value, erode or fade away? What can we take out of this world when we die? What is the use of all that we know and live by? If we live long enough we realize that most of what we learn and do as children and adults are useless past this life.In this little book, we see three things that Jesus taught His disciples, things that are related to eternity, things for now and in the next life. For all who hear and adhere to His teachings, He gives assurance of a life beyond this one, an eternal life with Him and God, the Father. We find in these things an unexpected reality of true life now and forever. Belief and values are established in what He lived and taught so that we may be living free in Christ from the anxiety of this world. First things that last forever are simple but there is a profound knowledge in these things. If we know them and meditate upon them we realize that these are things that we live by here, the spiritual things that will eventually transition us to an eternal glory where God is all that we need.