A Pound of Flesh

    “Venturini doesn’t write in words and sentences. Instead, he lines the page with barbwire, concertina wire and spike strips that deliver the story deep into the reader’s skin.” –#1 New York Times Bestselling Author Chuck Palahniuk An intense home invasion thriller with unflinching violence and an ending that will leave you stunned . . . Harold and Wendy have been through everything together. Married for over thirty years, the parents of two loving daughters, their love has survived every test and overcome every challenge. So far. A knock at the door unleashes the biggest test yet. An aggressive, depraved evil plunges them into a world where death and separation may be the only mercy available to them. Trapped in the darkness and besieged by a madman, Harold’s love and loyalty is pushed to the brink. Sometimes, love isn’t diamonds or gold, it isn’t handwritten cards and surprise, romantic excursions. Sometimes love is deciding whether to take your wife’s teeth out with a pipe wrench, or brain her with it. A Pound of Flesh is a chilling tale of novelette length from the author of the genre-bending THE HEART DOES NOT GROW BACK and the horror-thriller epic, TO DUST YOU SHALL RETURN.