• Horror

    The Mother of All Things: a Deliciously Creepy, Twisted and Must-read Psychological Chiller

    DARK BEGINNINGS, BRUTAL ENDINGS ★★★★★ Fast-paced, scary, so well thought out and so rewarding to read – Extremely well written. Kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through. Left me feeling extremely satisfied. ★★★★★ Clever and compelling psychological thriller – Shocking, tense, gripping, surprising, thought-provoking, dark and chilling. A traumatic event and the break-up of her marriage returns Elaine to her childhood home where she embarks on renovating the run-down farmhouse as she reconnects with her mother and entertains her two children over the summer holidays. Terrifying nightmares, the stirring of memories long forgotten, and eerie happenings at the house, suggest her imagination is getting the better of her, until confronted by an intruder and things spiral out of control. A missing policeman, a suspicious psychiatrist, and an old adversary add to her escalating tension. When she wakes up covered in blood next to the body of a masked man, Elaine must fight for her sanity, facing demons both past and present. Unless it’s too late. ★★★★★ The Mother of all reads! – Really enjoyed this book. The first half develops the characters well, ready for the clever, fast-paced second half. It’s hard to decide what genre this book fits in. As a lover of James Herbert and Stephen King, I would say it would probably be along the lines of a psychological thriller/horror. ★★★★★ A must-read – Wow! This book had me gripped from the very beginning. So many twists and turns. ★★★★★ The best novel I’ve read in a long time – A brilliant novel. The detailing in the description of the characters, places and dreams are breathtaking. ★★★★★ An absorbing, disturbing and kinetic thriller that balances a tight rope between a conventional whodunnit and a Gothic horror. ★★★★★ In The Mother Of All Things, Mr Blake melds mystery, crime, suspense, drama, and action in a story seeping with dark paranoid tension. Fans of writers such as Stephen King, Ruth Ware, Megan Abbott, Dean Koontz, Peter James, Jeffery Deaver, C. J. Tudor, are in for a real treat and will not be disappointed. Read more