Historical Fiction

    On Hadrian’s Secret Service: gripping, unputdownable thriller of Roman Britain

    In a murky world of mystery and espionage, a Roman soldier discovers a plot to murder Emperor Hadrian…  ‘…a very solid book, enjoyable to read and thrilling to follow…’ Koit (Goodreads reviewer)  AD 120. A new emperor is on the throne. In Britain, Gaius Flaminius Drusus, auxiliary tribune of the Ninth Legion, survives an attack by barbarians only to find himself flung into a world of mystery and intrigue when he is seconded to the Roman secret service. Plots and counterplots are brewing. The sinister Caledonian druids are planning something. But also acting suspiciously is the Roman governor, Falco. When he uncovers a plan to assassinate the emperor, Flaminius finds himself outlawed and on the run. Accompanied by a Celtic warrior woman he sets out on an epic journey from the edges of empire to its pulsing heart, followed by a final chase through the secret tunnels beneath Hadrian’s Villa.  And disaster strikes when it is least expected… The first in a series, ON HADRIAN’S SECRET SERVICE is a gripping story of espionage and conspiracy, – for fans of Simon Scarrow, Ben Kane, Harry Sidebottom, and Conn Iggulden. More praise for ON HADRIAN’S SECRET SERVICE: ‘…a good novel of the genre…’ Brian Turner (Goodreads reviewer)  ‘I felt as if I was in the middle of the action…’ James Brown (Amazon reviewer) ‘Hard to put the book down…’ Robert C Cusick (Amazon reviewer)