Young Adult

    The Seventh Mountain (Chronicles of a Magi Book 1)

    “The Seventh Mountain by Gene Curtis is pure delight. Curtis wields a tremendous imagination and uses it to transport the reader to another world, where sword wielding Magi fight for good, evil lurks just out of sight and a young hero searches for his destiny. Sure to be compared to Harry Potter, but undeniably more compelling.” – Jeremy Robinson Dreams, surreal and frightening, begins the path of Mark Young’s future; a path set long before he was ever born.  His twelfth birthday reveals a mysterious note that only he can read and sets him on the journey toward his destiny. Fortunately, it’s not a path he’s doomed to walk alone. His course leads to true friends, fortune and a place where he learns to wield great power, The Seventh Mountain, the place where Magi train. The Seventh Mountain conceals the direst legend known to man. Mark’s fate lies within. Editorial Reviews Review “A Lot of books make you laugh and fewer still make you cry, but it takes a truly masterful writer to make you furious at the enemies of the characters and despair when they are in trouble. Gene Curtis is one of these writers. There were elements here and there that were similar to another adolescent magic user you may have heard of, but the world in whole is truly original and imaginative. I can’t praise “The Seventh Mountain” high enough, and I can’t wait for the new books arrival.” –Dan “Phenomenal!!! An excellent story, well told. Thank you for giving us an alternative (Superior Alterative) to the HP books. And thank you for creating a story that is safe for our kids to read. Can’t wait for more from you.” –Tillman “Gene Curtis show’s a lot of promise for a new writer. Read his Bio and you can see he’s used to hearing stories, and telling them too. The book start’s a little slow but builds as the foundation is laid. This is going to be a series of books so the foundation takes longer than a single book would but it’s worth it. By the time the Festival of Tents comes around you know the characters and identify with them. This allows you to really get into the story. The only negative thing is you want to read the next installment but it’s not out yet.” –David “As a young person’s book I give this an ‘A’. I’m sure Gene Curtis has heard a few dozen comparisons between this work and the Harry Potter books, and I’m afraid that the comparisons are unavoidable. Having said that, let me add a large HOWEVER…While there are lots of similarities, there exist many delightful differences, as well. I find it easier to relate to the American ‘flavor’ of the characters a lot easier than to the British ‘flavor’ found in the HP books. Additionally, I think Curtis deals with technology/magic interactions better than Rowling.” –Bear “It intrigued me from the first and I have to say, it’s a darned good story. I believe some people will say that it’s a Christian Harry Potter knock off but I can’t say I agree. True, at first I wondered if it was indeed a re-telling of a Harry Potter type tale with a Christian twist but as I got deeper into the book I found it was something quite different.” –C. …love the world you have created here in the 7th mountain. Oddly enough the Christian component of the book added to the story for me as I went to a Church of England School (although I now follow a different path) this provides an additional link between me and the characters, now if only my school had Flags matches (way better than Quidditch BTW).” – James