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    Hope Beyond Hell The Righteous Purpose of God’s Judgment

    “Have you been tormented by the thought of dying? Do you know the anguish of thinking that you or a loved one might suffer in hell forever? You are not alone. As I read ‘Hope Beyond Hell’, I cried for joy. It assures us of a Love that never gives up on us no matter how miserably we fail.”Charles Slagle – Author, Evangelist “I love Hope Beyond Hell; it changed my life. After 60 years of being afraid of God, I was finally introduced to the true God of infinite love, who is bound neither by time nor death; the Savior of the whole world.”Dr. Terry Schwartz Prof., Wheaton College “Not fancy theories, but numerous Scriptures and quotes from Bible scholars of many generations. Everyone needs to read and study this book.”Richard W. Rundell, Ph.D. “One of the best books ever written showing from Scripture that God’s judgments are remedial.”Dr. Stephen Jones, M.Div., D.D., Author, speaker “As a hospice chaplain for 14 years, I counseled hundreds of dying patients. In my experience, Christians believing in eternal punishment, especially in literal fire, were much more fearful of death than others. How can this be since Christ came to free us from the fear of death (Heb. 2:15)? Hope Beyond Hell gives a Biblical basis for total peace in the face of death.”Rev. Boyd Purcell, M.A., M.Div., Ph.D. Author, speaker “The magnificent love and wisdom of God has not been written about with such clarity since the days of the patriarchs. I have waited 25 years for it.” Michael Wm. Gross, D.D., Th.D., Ph.D. “Will inspire love, peace, joy, and hope – all the fruit of the Spirit – in your own heart.”Thomas Talbott, Professor Emeritus, Willamette University “I first learned, espoused, and taught the truths presented in this book over 40 years ago. Hope Beyond Hell encapsulates them better than any I have read.”Bill Boylan, Ph.D., Author, Speaker “This is an excellent book.” Bob Evely, M.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary “Answers the questions we have been afraid to ask about God’s unfailing love and inexhaustible patience.”Pastor Ivan A. Rogers, Former Bible College President “One of the most balanced studies available on the remedial judgments of God and the great truth of the restoration of all things in Christ. A logical, common sense way the average layman can understand. This is a book about the love of God.”Rev. Terry Miller, M. Phil, Former Pres., Bethesda Mennonite Ins. of the Bible “A bold and impassioned plea for Christians of every stripe to consider the grand proposition that God’s goodness, grace and love reaches farther than most of us have ever dared to imagine. Gerry‘s comprehensive research of the biblical record and extra-biblical sources is powerfully, even overwhelmingly compelling. All who read this book with a spiritual mind and listen with spiritual ears will receive a deepened revelation of Christ in God.”Dr. Bruce A. Gerlach, Professor, College of the Ozarks “Layer by layer, concept by concept, this book will loose the bonds of insanity that has plagued the Church for centuries.”Grady Brown, M.Th, D.Litt.Director and founder of Dayspring Bible Ministries “One of the most concise books covering the subject of the righteous purpose of God’s judgment. The reader will see that God will not rest until He will become All in all (1Cor 15:28).”Dr. Marian Paul Kampik, Silesian University, Poland “Excellent and well researched. I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit is using Gerry at this very important time in Church history.”Rev. Rod Walton CJ: Anglican Ind Communion,Founder of Bereavement Rescue, U K “For decades I have questioned the need for and the justice of eternal punishment in light of God being love. This is a well-researched book, providing fresh insights into the teachings of the Church Fathers, and difficult texts like Mat. 25 and Luke 16. Even if one does not agree with his conclusion, one does feel reassured about the extent of God’s love in Christ. Read more