The Time Of The Ghosts (Enchanted Australia Book 1)

    Ghosts trail after us. They are our fears and the shape of our hates. We bring them into our lives and into our homes. Poltergeists and the spirits of drowned girls; malicious presences and portents; cat vampires and roaming bushrangers. These ghosts haunt Canberra – these ghosts can kill. Lil is elegant and troubled. Ann has just retired and is about to divorce: she sees vistas of nothingness in her future. Mabel is wedded to her garden. Kat is fifteen and has tried hard to drop out of life. It takes these four women, one cup of tea at a time, to face the ghosts and other supernatural beings in Canberra. But can they face down the darkness and keep Canberra’s streets clear of danger? Read more