• Religion & Spirituality

    Never As It Seems: Never As It Seems Serial Book 1

    A murdered doctor. An angry ex-wife. A defense attorney must uncover the truth… Defense Attorney Kevin Auguste has devoted his life to the pursuit of justice. An immigrant from Haiti, he has seen first hand the corrupting influence of money and power. Now he fights to be a force for good in his community, and to ensure his children grow up in a better world than the one he left behind. But when late night police sirens disturb his sleepy neighborhood, Kevin is shocked to discover that his neighbor and client, Dr. Delroy Davidson, has been murdered. And Delroy’s ex-wife has come to town demanding her share of the inheritance… When a reading of Delroy’s will reveals that another woman will receive half his wealth, Kevin finds himself drawn into a deadly dispute that threatens both him and his family. Torn between protecting his loved ones and revealing the truth, Kevin must outwit mafia thugs, scheming widows, and vindictive families. But can Delroy’s killer be forced out of hiding, before Kevin becomes the next victim? Read more
  • Young Adult

    Never Gonna Be the Same: (A Christian Fiction Novel)

    A family secret tore them apart.  Chris Charles uncovered a shocking secret which completely changes the relationship he has with his older brother Jonathan. Now his whole world has turned upside down, dividing him from his family and challenging his faith in God. Straying from his long-held beliefs, Chris struggles to forgive the family he loved so dearly.  Though time may rekindle his devotion to God, there may be no hope of reconciling with his brother.