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    Don’t Let Us Disappear! 5 Endangered Animals Tell their Story of Survival

    Don’t Let Us Disappear is an educational, story-based children’s book that introduces the topics of endangered animals and conservation to elementary school-aged youth. Author Grace Comerford, 16, takes readers through a fun adventure meeting five endangered animals as they explain their lives as endangered species. In addition, the characters tell the readers how they can help each species as kids!   This book is filled with colorful cartoons and graphics that will make learning fun for your child! Your child will learn: 1. What endangered species are 2. How species become endangered 3. Why it is important to help them 4. How they can help these species themselves!   If you like Grace’s previous books like Power of Purple: Jackie’s Purple Ninja Story, or A Talent For Kindness you may like this book too!   Author Grace Comerford is a teenage author, podcaster, and climate activist who is very passionate about protecting our earth and the animals in it. She has written and done graphic art on this book and two other children’s books. Her website, daretodreamgreen.com, features her other accomplishments as well as where to find her blogs, podcasts, and books.    Read more