• Romance

    Falling for the Protector Collection

    Grab this collection of 10 steamy books about protectors and the women who fall for them. These strong and determined heroes will have your hearts racing and have you Falling for the Protector! Military Men Bodyguards Private Security Law Enforcement Firemen First Responders This collection has them all and SO MUCH MORE! Fall for the protector today! Collection includes:Dead Reckoning – Gwyn McNameeCrash – Grahame ClaireCovert Affairs – Kennedy L. MitchellThe Rookie – Kimberly KincaidRansom – Laramie BriscoeWild Boys After Dark: Logan – Melissa FosterCherry Girl – Raine MillerThe Contract – SR JonesTrusting Her Ex – SM WestProtecting His Rockstar – Taryn Quinn Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Dead Reckoning: A Sins of the Mafia World Novel (The Scarred Heroes Series Book 1)

    A reckoning is coming. Can I survive it with my heart intact? They call me Reaper.Killing is what I do best.Get in. Get out. Leave nothing but bodies behind.So, it should be a simple favor for an old friend.Kill the man responsible for an innocent woman being dragged into a human trafficking ring.Added bonus? I get to wipe some scum off the Earth.Only it turns out he’s just the tip of a huge iceberg of vile behavior.Other women are trapped in the same sick, sticky web.And I’ve followed a thread to New York.Taking out the men at the top will be easy enough…As long as the beautiful cop and her hot-headed partner don’t get in my way.But they won’t seem to stay in their own lanes.Nor will the feisty brunette get out of my head.It’s the kind of distraction I can’t afford—no matter how good it feels to be buried inside her.I’ll do whatever it takes to complete the mission.Because it’s time for a reckoning.The only question is: who will survive it? Dead Reckoning is a stand-alone romantic suspense novel in the Sins of the Mafia World. It is also the first book of The Scarred Heroes Series. Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Savage Collision: A Hawke Family Novel (The Hawke Family Book 1)

    He’s everything she didn’t know she wanted. She’s everything he thought he could never have. The last thing I expect when I walk into The Hawkeye Club is to fall head over heels in lust. It’s supposed to be a rescue mission. I have to get my baby sister off the pole, into some clothes, and out of the grasp of the pussy peddler who somehow manipulated her into stripping. But the moment I see Savage Hawke and verbally spar with him, my ability to remain rational flies out the window and my libido takes center stage. I’ve never wanted a relationship—my time is better spent focusing on taking down the scum running this city—but what I want and what I need are apparently two different things. Danika Eriksson storms into my office in her high heels and on her high horse. Her holier-than-thou attitude and accusations should offend me, but instead, I can’t get her out of my head or my heart. Her incomparable drive, take-no-prisoners attitude, and blatant honesty captivate me and hold me prisoner. I should steer clear, but my self-preservation instinct is apparently dead—which is exactly what our relationship will be once she knows everything. It’s only a matter of time. The truth doesn’t always set you free. Sometimes, it just royally screws you. ***The Hawke Family Series does need to be read in order to fully enjoy and understand the plots.Reading order for The Hawke Family SeriesSavage CollisionTortured SkyeStone SoberBuilding StormTainted SaintSteele Resolve Read more
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Wrath: A Dark Mafia Romance (The Deadliest Sin Series Book 1)

    I thought we had escaped my life in the mob. I was wrong. All I see is red.Blood.Pain.Rage.It consumes me.The moment he took her, wrath invaded my soul.I only have one purpose. End him and take back what’s mine. They trained me to be a killer.Now they’ll see just what I’m capable of. Love isn’t always clean, and wrath is the deadliest sin. Dive into the world of the Albanian mob and what men are willing to do for the women they love… ***Wrath is the first book in The Deadliest Sin Series about organized crime in Philly and Chicago. This series is best read in order, as the stories are chronological and each sin builds on the events of the previous one.*** *** Previously appeared as book 4 in The 7 Collection about the deadly sins.***
  • Romance

    Dickslip: (A Hilarious and Steamy Romantic Comedy)(A Scandalous Slip Story #1) (The Slip Series)

    One wardrobe malfunction. Two lives forever changed. Playing in a star-studded charity basketball game should be fun, and it is, until I literally go balls out to show up my arch nemesis. When I dive for the basketball and my junk slips out of my gym shorts, I know my life and career are over. There’s no way the network can keep my kids’ show on the air after I’ve exposed myself to millions of people. I don’t know how Andy, the new CEO, can go to bat for me with such passion. I also never anticipate how hot she looks in a pair of high heels. Rafe’s dickslip has made my new job even more stressful. It’s hard enough being a woman in a man’s world without dealing with sex organs being publicly displayed when someone is representing the company. But he’s an asset to the network, not to mention hot as hell. I can barely keep my eyes off him or his crotch during our meetings. Defending him to the board puts my ass on the line as much as his, but it’s worth it. So is risking my job to fulfill the fantasies I’ve had about him since he first set foot in my office. Things may have started out bad, but… Some accidents have happy endings. ***Dickslip previously appeared in the Exposed anthology. This features a NEW, never before seen epilogue to Rafe and Andy’s story***
  • Paranormal

    Parched (Supernatural Love Stories in the Absurd Book 1)

    A wendigo controlled by a curse. An insatiable mystery woman. One sexy, crazy ride. Greed. For the last 4,000 years, it’s been my curse. Every day, I live with the repercussions of the terrible choices I made. I thought I’d seen it all…then a black aura crosses my path. The beautiful woman it belongs to sends my world into a tailspin. She gets under my skin, hypnotizing me with her adventurous and risque nature. I almost forget I know nothing about her. Thinking with the wrong head can certainly get a man in trouble, but in this case, it could mean an end worse than my curse. ***Parched contains content that is crazy, over-the-top, and super steamy. If you don’t enjoy steamy scenes, this book probably isn’t for you. Skip to Cursed, book two, which is considerably tamer, but still very steamy, and start there. These are stand-alones so you can pick up any of the books in any order. ***