• Romance

    Hope: Bad Boy Vibes

    It was darkness. It was pain. It was loss and fury. Anna Simmons is the walking wounded. She had no idea she was already lost, then broken further when betrayal struck from one she held closest to her heart. Now haunted by a trauma that had her shaking in her boots with every step forward she took, Anna had lost all hope.Rafe Brown returned from the hell of war haunted by his past and the evil that persisted while searching for a way to go on. He found it in a chance encounter of another just like him.Pain recognised pain. Darkness thrived in more darkness. When loss and fury met the pain and darkness could finally be shared. And hopeā€¦ hope could only blossom.Trigger warnings. The Bad Boy Vibes is a bullying romance with graphic non-consensual sex, violence and unadulterated pain. Read more