• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    A Wolf’s Quest: Wolves of the South Book 1

    Ben McMullen is a wolf on the run. While his father is drawing off the Hunters, his job is to find a new home for himself and his two sisters. After he helps a young woman fend off a creep, she offers him a ride to his father’s old haunts. Little does he know that her own family are the enemy. Sylvia just wants to spend a few weeks of her college summer break to reconcile with her estranged Grandfather. And when she can help Ben out, she does so gladly. Little does she know that this decision will lead both of them into mortal danger. Can Ben escape that Hunter family? Can Sylvia handle the dire truth? A fast-paced adventure/romance, this werewolf tale is for you if you don’t like the alpha-wolf trope and if you prefer the camera to pan away from the bedroom. This is book 1 of the Wolves of the South series, a clean werewolf family saga. Best reading order: A Wolf’s Quest A Wolf’s Fear A Wolf’s Honor A Wolf’s Fury A Wolf’s Fight A Wolf’s Peril Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Dorelle’s Journey (The Cloud Lands Saga Book 1)

    She carries a terrible warning. And delivering it might mean death. When her dragon is threatened with death, Dorelle is forced to flee her homeland with Mashira. After a difficult battle and a dangerous flight, the team finds a new home and makes new friends. But when they discover a terrible threat to her Kingdom and her family, Dorelle’s loyalty wins out. Will she and her dragon pay the ultimate price for warning her King? This is the first book of The Cloud Lands Saga, which will eventually encompass four novellas. The story continues in "Kraken War", the second book of the series.