• Young Adult

    Squire Chloe’s Demon: An Epic Fantasy Story (Tales from the Lands – Epic Fantasy Stories)

    If you love epic fantasy and sword and sorcery, and like to see women wielding the swords, don’t miss this perilous, exciting, magical read.Squire Chloe’s Demon** My name is Chloe. I leave this record of the spirit, so the Temple and the city will know how the demon came to the City of the Sun. ** It’s written that a demon takes three seals before it returns below the Abyss.One, it already has.In the darkness of the sleeping city, a squire defends a second.The third seal would be Chloe’s.The Charm Counter Charm Sequence‘When you wish upon a charm, your wish comes true.But others have charms, and others have wishes.’Tales from the Lands – These free short stories are an introduction to the world of the Charm Counter Charm Sequence: Squire Chloe’s Demon Another Side of a Destiny Clay for Ellen The Charm Counter Charm Sequence: (Coming Soon)  I hope you have as much pleasure reading these tales as I’m having ‘excavating’ them.Harper Peace Read more