• Horror

    Ruin (The Ruin Saga Book 1)

    After the apocalypse, what would you save? What would you fight for? Decades after the apocalypse, a group of survivors struggling to stop the dawn of a new dark age, inadvertently spark a war with a country in the grips of famine, and encounter supernatural forces that might destroy the Old World forever.———— Full Synopsis The End cost humanity six billion lives. Almost every person vanished, the lights went out, computers turned to dust, and planes fell from the sky. The Vanished left behind a handful of scattered survivors, in a world made empty and quiet. Forty years on, civilization is failing. The ways of the Old World are being forgotten, and the original survivors are ageing. All that stands between the British Isles and a new Dark Age is the mission of New Canterbury, desperate to save the books, technology and knowledge needed to begin again. Famine has forced refugees to wander in their thousands. Anger against the city’s hoarding of resources is growing. In the wild lands surrounding New Canterbury, old grudges fester, and supernatural forces have awoken. Somewhere, an army is on the move, hell-bent on ending the Old World forever. The End was just the beginning. Read more