• Romance

    Lip Locks & Blocked Shots: A Slapshot Novel (Slapshot Series Book 3)

    He’s the last person she should fall in love with and the only one that ever stood a chance. Seraphina Hanson is busy. As manager and owner of the Newport Beach Seagulls on their way to making the playoffs for the first time in their history, dating doesn’t even cross her mind. Unless it involves star goalie and Seagulls goalie, Brandon Thorpe. Brandon Thorpe is tall, strong, and brooding. She’s drawn to him like a moth to a flame but dating him isn’t allowed – no matter how badly her sister, Katella, tells her otherwise. Seraphina has been in love with him for a year and that isn’t going to change any time soon. Until they get to Las Vegas. The new expansion team is hosting their first game with the Seagulls, and general manager Phil Bambridge invites Seraphina out to dinner. Strictly business. But Brandon has a bad feeling. It also doesn’t help that Seraphina looks flawless in her dress. So he kisses her. In public. And Bambridge sees. Phil Bambridge doesn’t like rejection. And he’ll do whatever it takes to win. Even blackmail Seraphina into trading Thorpe to his team before the trade deadline. Seraphina is now forced to confront her feelings for Brandon while trying to stay as professional as possible. She won’t lose him to Bambridge but she also refuses to give him up, not when she finally has him. But something has to give, and soon. The trade deadline is almost here. Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    To Pillage a Pirate: A Scandalous Adventure at Seas Series

    A Robin Hood pirate captain encounters a saucy barmaid with a dark secret that threatens to ruin both of their lives. Belle has no intention of returning to Port Royal and to a life she wants to forget. She needs to get off Tortuga and start a new chapter in her life, not take a step back. Everyone, including her family, think she’s dead…and she plans to keep it that way. Captain Donovan offers her a way off Tortuga in exchange for her services: posing as his bride to gain trust from a wealthy tradesman. But Belle soon realizes the pirate’s plan to pillage and plunder the tradesman’s estate will only draw attention to Belle’s attempt to escape. After all, the wealthy tradesman is Belle’s father. But Belle’s life isn’t the only one hanging in the balance. Donovan is wanted for his multiple crimes against the Crown. If he’s discovered, he’ll be hanged on the gallows, and Belle’s haunting, secret past may make her more of a risk than an asset. Belle and Donovan have nowhere else to turn but to each other, but accepting one another’s help could ruin everything. Fans of Pirates of the Caribbean and Robin Hood will get addicted to this swashbuckling adventure. Scroll up and 1-click this book today! Read more
  • Romance

    Rookies Do It Better: Book 1 in The Minor League Mayhem Series

    Fighting. Blackmail. Scandal. And they say rookies don’t have fun. Jack Jack Ruby is a fighter – literally. At 19, he’s gotten into more fights than he remembers. It probably has to do with the fact that since he was a child, he’s been angry. His mother’s a drug addict who only talks to him when she wants money, he lives with his best friend since he has nowhere else to go, and he’s in love with said best friend’s sister. He’s screwed. The only good that comes out of this is he just signed with the Newport Beach Seagulls’s minor league affiliate, the Irvine Mayhem. If he’s good at anything, it’s hockey. And sex. And fighting. As long as he stays away from Lily, he’ll be fine. But Jack’s never been good at playing by the rules. Lily Lily Sinclair doesn’t get the opportunity to say no when her brother and his best friend move in with her. She’s trying to get ready for her first year of college while they’re partying, getting into fights, and playing hockey. Must be nice. It wouldn’t be so bad if her brother was friends with anyone but Jack Sinclair. The brown eyes, the high cheekbones, that mischievous grin. God, she’s in so much trouble. When an ex shows up in her life, blackmailing her over a video Lily hadn’t been aware of, she’s tells him to eff off. That’s when all hell breaks loose in the form of Jack Ruby. Will he ever look at her the same way again? Fans of The Slapshot Series are devouring this new adult sports romance set in the same sunny beach city. Scroll up and feed your addiction today! Read more
  • Romance

    Exes and Goals: A Slapshot Novel (Slapshot Series Book 1)

    Newport Beach Seagulls center Zachary Ryan heats things up on the ice… and in the bedroom. As a blogger for the Newport Beach Seagulls, Harper Crawford is living her dream. She gets to write about her favorite sports team – and get paid for it. Granted, she wishes she could shove an old jock strap in the smart mouth of new acquisition and cocky bast*rd, Zachary Ryan, but hey, she’ll take what she can get. When she’s required to do a character piece on him at a local nightclub, she screams in her pillow. But getting to know the six foot four, two hundred and twenty pounds of solid muscle better, she realizes he’s not all that bad.— The minute Zachary Ryan sees Harper Crwaford at Taboo nightclub during a team bonding session dressed in a plaid shirt and converse sneakers, he has to get to know her better. Except there’s a problem from her past that won’t go away. Harper has an ex that won’t stay in her past – where he belongs. When Zachary gets involved, things get heated and his notorious temper flares. Zach knows Harper doesn’t want to get involved with a hockey player – especially with an overzealous ex who won’t leave her alone – but he plans to change her mind. No matter what the cost. Warning: If you don’t like bad boy hockey players who aren’t afraid to get down and dirty on and off the ice, do NOT 1-click this book!
  • Romance

    A Beauty Dark & Deadly (A Dark & Deadly Series Book 1)

    He’s the most beautiful monster she’s ever seen Emmy Atler is desperate for a job so she can help her grandfather with his increasing medical bills. She even applies to be a maid for Jason Belmont, recluse writer, who’s known more for the murder of his cheating wife and her lover than his popular thrillers. He may have gotten off on a technicality, but everyone knows he’s guilty. Just because he’s quiet and awkward doesn’t mean he’s actually innocent. Just because he treats Emmy with warmth and respect doesn’t mean he’s not capable of killing her with his bare hands – especially considering the fact that he lives in a secluded cabin in the woods of Lake Tahoe. Emmy can scream and no one would hear. Now, with her grandfather’s health on the line and the risk of debt closing in, Emmy must do her job and ignore her growing attraction for her employer – especially if she wants to avoid risking her life for a man both brooding and fatal.
  • Mysteries & Thrillers

    Ice Breakers: A Mika Chalmers Hockey Mystery (The Mika Chalmers Hockey Mystery Series Book 1)

    The last person private investigator Mika Chalmers expects to walk in her office is ex-boyfriend and NHL player, Eric Foresburg. He looks just like he did three years ago, tall, blond, and every inch a Viking.This isn’t a social call.Eric has gotten himself into some hot water. A woman is going to publicly accuse Eric of rape and he needs Mika to prove his innocence. With pressure from her father – who happens to be the head coach of Eric’s NHL team – and smarmy defense attorney, Ryan King, Mika has her work cut out for her. When feelings for Eric – feelings she buried a long time ago – start to resurface, her job of finding the truth no matter what gets increasingly difficult to do.Despite the fact that Mika has connections with the police department – including the arrogant Detective Alex Beech – the answers aren’t black and white. Evidence reveals that Eric and the victim were together, but it turns into a heated he-said, she-said. It doesn’t help that Eric has been keeping things from Mika, things he should have disclosed before she agreed to take his case.With the help of Beech, Mika must determine whether or not Eric is innocent before the court of public opinion finds him guilty and his entire life is ruined.With the heated chemistry of Castle and the unpredictable twists and turns of Bones, hockey fans are devouring this new romantic mystery series by a USA Today Best Selling Author.