• Young Adult

    The Mind of Love: Kissing Westbrook Goodbye #5: Amber & Patron, Nyla & Levi

    This isn’t a wife-swap.It can’t be when one couple isn’t married, right?Besides, Patron and Amber would never cheat on each other.And even if they did… how will they know? Patron and Amber have a hard time resisting temptation, especially when two hurting people want them to hurt just as bad as they are. Nyla and Levi are dealing with some mental challenges because of things that are out of their control. Their main goal is to get their daughter back, even if they must work together. But how can that happen when they both loathe each other? Do they have what it takes to put their hate for each other aside and grovel at the feet of the Amber and Patron, the same couple whose marriage they have been trying to ruin? The real question is, will our favorite married couple even remain married and work together to help the other couple in need? Read more