• Horror

    A Throwback Witch (Wildes Witch Academy Book 1)

    Finding magic almost killed me. Now I’m driven towards a sexy stranger and a deadly mystery. Wish me luck? As a witch raised in the human world – unknown to the supernatural community – my powers are dormant. Until I’m cornered, facing a deathblow. Terror kick-starts my magic and saves my life. But my newly found powers soon bring kidnappers to my door. They tear me from Edinburgh and ship me to magic school in Latvia, where my first student welcome comes with a glare. Shane McKee is devastatingly handsome, but he’s asking questions about throwback witches like me. Too many. The deeper I dig, the more questions I have – and the more I have to hide. Secrets fester beneath the academy’s perfect front, disguising a dark, powerful organisation. My familiar says it isn’t instinct drawing me in, it’s my spirit powers. And they’re about to throw me into a whole world of trouble. Read more