• Horror

    Vampire Court: White Pawn

    Bianca is a Trove. Her blood is so powerful it allows vampires to stroll in the sunlight. She lives a life of masquerade parties, governesses, and flirting with eligible men like the handsome thief, Nyro Stonehelm, who openly defies the vampire King and Queen. Soon a visit from the King brings Bianca face to face with a terrible reality—her father has gambled away everything, and still owes the King’s Court more. To set an example, the King executes her father. That one fateful morning, Bianca loses everything she ever knew.  With his last breath, her father confesses she’s a Trove and begs her to run. Instead, she swears revenge and joins the Queen’s Court, determined to destroy the King one day. Now, she must live in a vampire nest, at the risk of being discovered and made into a blood slave. Her only reprieve is her budding love for a thief, who also has a grudge against their vampire monarchs and whose life is equality in danger. Will her hunger for revenge bring about Bianca and her lover’s end? Or will it be their salvation? A vampire tale like no other. If you love fantasy with spellbinding world-building, this COMPLETE series is for you. The action, romance, and intrigue will sweep you off your feet and leave you wanting more. Read more
  • Young Adult

    Blazing Magic (Djinn Curse Book 1)

    He’s forged from fire, and his lies burn. I’m taking a break from college to help Grandpa run his nursery business. I’m all he’s got, and he desperately needs my help. But when he unexpectedly dies, leaving behind an ancient relic as my inheritance, I’m not ready to accept that all the stories he once told me are real. Creatures forged from fire don’t exist, and the irresistible man that just appeared out of nowhere at my doorstep is not here to grant me three wishes. No, he’s here to deceive, so he can break the century-old curse that keeps him prisoner. But Grandpa warned me all about his treacherous tricks, and his enthralling seduction won’t work on me. No matter how sexy he is. He is my slave, and he will do what I say. Except there’s something I didn’t count on. His enemies are as ancient and determined as he is, and they want to kill me and send him back to his agonizing prison. Now, I must work with him to stay alive, while I also try to avoid getting caught in the web of lies he’s weaving around me. A breathtaking paranormal romance series by USA Today best-selling author Ingrid Seymour. Electrifying magic, a slow-burn romance, and thrilling adventures. For fans of Twilight and star-crossed lovers. ** The trilogy is complete—3 full-length novels of 80,000+ words each