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    A Matter of Latitude (Canary Islands Mysteries Book 1)

    From the acclaimed author of The Drago Tree comes a riveting thriller about survival, revenge and long-hidden secrets. When Lanzarote anti-corruption activist Celestino is T-boned on a lonely road, he knows the collision was no accident. Wounded and fearing for his life, he hides in an abandoned fishing village, waiting for a chance to make it home. Meanwhile, his wife Paula is distraught and sets out to look for him. Paula’s search for her husband quickly descends into mayhem, danger and intrigue. Before long, she realizes she’s being followed. She needs answers, and fast. But where is Celestino, and will he ever make it back alive? “A Matter of Latitude simmers with danger, betrayal and treachery, drawing the reader into the island’s history of shady dealings and uneasy relationships between natives, tourists and expats… Isobel Blackthorn has crafted an atmospheric and setting-rich novel with alluring lyrical style.” – Sandi Wallace, award-winning crime fiction author Praise from readers: ★★★★★ – “If you enjoy international stories full of drama and culture, this is definitely one to put on your list.” ★★★★★ – “The author was brilliant in her descriptions and really brought some scenes alive for me. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense and interesting characters.” Read more