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    Ghosts!: Monsterville Book 1

    On Zander Casey’s 12th birthday he learns his family’s ancient secret. Zander is finally old enough to help his family protect their town from zombies, werewolves, vampires, and angry ghosts. The trouble is that he can’t tell anybody about it, and all the kids at school laugh at him for being the weird kid from the haunted mansion at the top of the hill. Then, Abigail arrives in town, a new girl who can’t help but make life difficult for Zander. When she accidentally unlocks the gateway to the underworld, they must put aside their differences and find a way to trust each other. Will Zander and Abigail be able to save their school and their city before they become overrun with demon specters? A coming of age story about friendship (and ghosts)! Previously published as Sixth Grade Supernatural: Abigail’s Curse by J. B. Cantwell Read more