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    Thought Changer (The Final Form Series Book Book 1)

    The Experiment, and its inventor, hide a dangerous secret. Charlie and his best friend Jack have been surviving in the city’s underbelly for as long as they can remember, but when a mysterious invitation offers them a chance to join an exclusive experiment, it doesn’t take them long to accept. Forced to endure a series of bizarrely grueling tests, Charlie soon discovers he’s more than a street rat after all. Thought Changers are an elite group of heroes with the power to save people from disasters of all kinds and decipher and alter thoughts of criminals to stop tragedy in its tracks. But saving lives isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When Charlie becomes captivated by a mysterious runaway girl he soon discovers the sinister secret lurking in the shadows in this new, seemingly perfect world, and his noble mission becomes a battle for survival. Thought Changer kicks off The Final Form Series where incredible powers come with a new phase of human evolution. The Final Form Series (Young Adult) Thought Changer Book 1The Serial Seven Book 2 The 7 House Book 3 A Lila Stone Supernatural Crime Thriller (New Adult) The Immortals Book 1 The Dead City Book 2 The Druid Witch Book 3 Read more