• Horror

    Twisted all to Hell

    An award winning, macabre compilation of bizarre and ponderous tales featuring a Twist within. Fifteen are a combination of Supernatural, Horror, Science-fiction, Occult, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Adventure with two additional tales based on real-life experiences. I am confident it will be one of the best short story collections you have ever read. Contents: Story #1 Number One Munching Lane > A young girl’s encounter with the macabre cuisine at a nineteenth century children’s orphanage. #2 Murder in the Fourth Dimension > A criminal is drawn into the future to stand trial for a murder he hasn’t committed, yet. #3 A Fowl Covenant > A man’s infatuation with birds turns into demonic trickery and foul play. #4 The Southernmost Ghost > A true personal encounter with a ghost who stills haunts in Key West Fl. # 5 I am the President > A U.S. president faces his deranged, cannibalistic countrymen after a nuclear war which his caused. # 6 I had a Dream > A bitter-sweet, Black parody of life if the South had won the American Civil War. # 7 X241B > A man realizes the horrific, full impact of his motorcycle accident. # 8 The Devil’s Fog > A (true) supernatural shark attack in the Devil’s Triangle. # 9 Code name: Pandora > A deputy U.S. Marshal pursues a group of scientists who have discovered astronomy data which originated from the Edge of the Universe and drives people to suicide. #10 Garawn > A husband’s and wife’s encounter with a immortal body-snatcher in the 21st century. #11 Red Eyes > Time’s up for a man who sold his soul to the Devil and the anguish of another whose clock is winding down. #12 Bad Bones > Santeria magic’s effect (resurrection) on twin brothers born in the Deep South. #13 The Green Flash > Two exotic flower hunters pass through a portal created by a Green Flash and find the Utopia on the other side is not what it appears to be. Then, there’s the surprise upon escaping and retuning home. #14 ‘Til Death Do Us Part’ > An introverted, bitter, reclusive, rural nineteenth century woman unwantedly becomes the oldest person to ever live due to her being hyper-frozen. She successfully escapes her new gawking world through death. Or does she? #15 Reset > A senior citizen’s retirement home in a pleasant, future neighborhood is being burglarized. The man decides to take action only to discover his life and world are not what he sees. #16 Game Over > Every night in dreams a man shares a death, for which he was responsible, of one of his six former employees. Over and over the horrors intensify, grow and repeat until a game changing end. #17 Into the Above > An expeditionary team from a civilization living underground is sent to the Above to find the source and stop a toxic gas flowing down into the Colonies.