• Paranormal

    The Girl Who Joined the Circus (The Dark Circus Trilogy Book 1)

    Cirque du Noir… the circus of the night, where the line between the real and the imagined is a thin one. It’s 1930, I’m nineteen years old, and I have high hopes of joining the circus with my best friend, Amelia. But when I find myself alone at the train station with no sign of Amelia, I have no choice but to find my own way to the Cirque du Noir, all the while figuring Amelia must have already arrived. As I reach the circus grounds, I’m summarily greeted by the alluring owner of the circus and ringmaster, Laurent, who tells me he’s been awaiting my arrival. And yet there’s still no sign of Amelia… I soon learn she’s had to rush back home to tend to a family emergency, which means I’m now all alone as I embark on the next chapter of my life. While Laurent welcomes me to his circus wholeheartedly, something about him feels off—though I can’t put my finger on just what. Perhaps the strange feeling is owing to the fact that I feel like I know him—that I’ve known him my whole life, and yet, I’ve never laid eyes on him before. Or maybe it’s the circus itself—the more time I spend here, the stranger things get—like seeing people whose faces I can’t make out, or an old gypsy woman I’m reasonably convinced is a ghost, or the caravan parked on the far side of the circus which is off-limits. Yet, I can’t help but feel an unearthly call to the place. Or maybe all the angst I’m feeling is owing to one man: Rex, the caretaker, and manager of Cirque du Noir. For as charismatic and charming as Laurent is, Rex is the opposite. Dour, rude, and quick to anger, it’s clear Rex not only doesn’t want me here but also harbors a grudge against me though I don’t know why. Even though I have the same sense of familiarity with Rex that I do with Laurent, with his surly attitude, Rex makes me nothing but nervous. And yet I can’t deny that I’m drawn to him—that he makes me feel a passion the likes of which I’ve never experienced before. Strangely, I feel a similar draw to Laurent, and I’m convinced they feel it too. Between searching for answers to the myriad of questions regarding the Cirque du Noir, Laurent, and Rex, I wonder if perhaps I’ve made a colossal mistake in joining the circus… Read more
  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Grail Quest: A Novel

    Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Grail Quest: A Novel

    Plagued by months of persistent dreams of King Arthur, Merlin and the Holy Grail, American mystery novelist James Dupree journeys to the United Kingdom for answers. Upon arriving in Glastonbury, a locale deeply connected to the stories of the Knights of the Round Table, James quickly discovers that not all is as it seems in the quaint little town. Indeed, there’s a raven-haired girl dying of a rare lung disease, real knights with real swords… And perhaps strangest of all is the man who emerges from the forest naked… a man who just might be the greatest king Britain has ever seen. James will soon discover he’d been summoned to Glastonbury to fulfill a promise made in another lifetime… a promise to locate something very special—and very powerful. But such a quest is only for the brave. Is James up for the challenge? At once inspiring and pulse-pounding, The Grail Quest is for fans of James Redfield’s The Celestine Prophecy, Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, and Dan Millman’s The Way of the Peaceful Warrior. “Not only is The Grail Quest a wonderful Arthurian tale and page-turning adventure, but the spiritual lessons interwoven in the storyline gave me pause to consider a new perspective on many things. Let me put it this way, I’ll be ‘redipping’ frequently into several passages—especially the one involving James and the dragon. Powerful stuff. Imagery and prose I’ll never forget! And that’s on top of the impish sense of humor Rain brings to his writing.” —Aiden James, bestselling author of Immortal Plague “I finished The Grail Quest in record time! I found it both wonderfully suspenseful and rich with theological reflection. Your fresh treatment of the familiar opening scene pulled me right in. And how well you evoke Glastonbury! There is wonderful suspense here too. I’ll be very interested to see where you go with the once and future king.” —Robert Siegel, award-winning author of Whalesong What Readers are saying: ★★★★★ “It is always refreshing to read a book that is both well edited and a great story. The Grail Quest is just such a book. There is just enough foreshadowing, not just the title of the piece, to let you know that here is another bit of Arthurian mythology about to be told. As needs be, any Grail quest must have a sub-text in morality. In The Grail Quest, we are presented with a view of God and morality that is all about choice. Nothing is written in stone, if you will forgive the Arthurian pun. To say that I enjoyed reading The Grail Quest would be an understatement. This was one of my early Kindle purchases, and my only regret is waiting this long to read it!” ―Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ “Who would think that the tale of King Arthur could have such a new twist to it? I don’t think we will ever get tired of reading his books. Never boring, always a little humor, likable characters, and a touch of truth equals the perfect formula for my kind of book.” ―Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ “Such a wonderful eye, has most of everything and more; adventure, spiritual undertones, and even dragons. Really enjoyed it and highly recommend it.” ―Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ “One of my favorite books. I just loved this book… the story, the characters, the lessons… It is a different style of writing. There are layers to it… so while fun, it is also very thought provoking.” ―Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ “The storyline is so clear, each chapter is so well written. This story is a unique and intriguing take on The Holy Grail. It is a amazing story that you will really enjoy. Paranormal adventure at its best!” ―Amazon reviewer Click BUY NOW or READ FOR FREE! Read more
  • Horror

    The Black Fang Betrayal

    "Like The Sopranos, but with warlocks." Levi Phillips is a warlock living in the woods of rural Ohio. With his apprentice, Matthew, Levi operates one of the most ferocious covens in the world, known as The Black Fang. Managing the coven like an international corporation, Levi controls its enormous wealth while running a moonshine operation as a front. But when a plot to assassinate Levi is exposed, the warlock decides it’s time to destroy The Black Fang and the destruction could create a new beginning. The Black Fang Betrayal features today’s best horror, dark fantasy and thriller writers collaborating on a unique and fascinating novel. Armed with nothing but a prompt and a character name, each author became a warlock of The Black Fang and wrote a first-person account as a member of the coven. Using themes and sequences woven throughout the complete narrative, a cohesive page-turner emerges.