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    Renegade Realms (Sword & Spirit Book 1)

    Secrets lurk deep in the Georgia swamps, as Elijah Hatton will soon realize. Born in another realm, the young man lost everything; family, kingdom, even his true name. But his enemies made one mistake. They didn’t kill Eli. Finally armed with the truth, he sets out on a path to reclaim his stolen birthright, with righteous determination and loaded six-guns. Not to mention the flaming sword which once guarded Eden — and moonshine transformed into a holy, healing sacrament. But will it all be enough? For those who murdered his kin are keenly aware of the Prophecies and sense the return of an ancient, sacred magic, which marks the dawn of a long-awaited age. The Time of Reckoning. Thus the showdown begins. They’re tracking down Eli, while he’s gunning for them. With the fate of the multiverse caught in the crossfire. Elijah Hatton: Elven Prince by birth, Southern by the grace of God! Published by Fiction Worth Reading: Faith-filled Fantasy & Sanctified Sci-Fi — Where Spiritual Truth meets Speculative Fiction. The Sword & Spirit Trilogy: Book 1 – Renegade RealmsBook 2 – Outlaw OracleBook 3 – Sword Slinger Publisher’s note: A coming of age tale where magical realms and blood betrayals collide with a modern backwoods Georgia.