• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Fall of Man: the Saboteur Chronicles Book 1

    After the bombs fell and the old world passed away, two sides emerged from the destruction: the Union and the Rebels. For years a great civil war raged, ending in a fragile truce. Now the Lord Marshal of the Union seeks to unite the land, this time using chests of coin rather than bullets. Dominic was one of the finest Rebel soldiers to grace the battlefield. With the war at an end, he sets off across the Wastes, seeking a new life. But after a violent clash with the Union, he finds himself a reluctant participant in the Lord Marshal’s push for peace. Dominic is paired up with Lerah, an idealistic young soldier with no love for the Rebels. Their unlikely partnership takes them to the most dangerous parts of the Wastes. As tensions mount and blood begins to flow, friends become enemies, and allegiances begin to melt away. Read more