• Young Adult

    PRIMAL 2055 – Escape

    She never knew her name, only the number they used to define her. A possession of Sakkin Industries, she is being honed into a surgical weapon, trained to infiltrate and exterminate. Slowly, day-by-day, they try to erode her humanity and replace it with blind obedience and determination. For operative Eight Two, Sakkin is a second chance at life. Rescued from a massacred village, she’s given a new home among their deadly trainees at the Institute. But as she’s indoctrinated, the brutal training reveals she’s not like them. Conflicted, she’s torn between graduating to join Sakkin’s elite ranks or lashing out against the injustice they bring to the world. Part 1 in a new series, 2055 – Escape follows on from the PRIMAL books of hard-hitting global vigilantes. It gives a glimpse into a not so distant future where security conglomerates protect the privileged few, Lascar has evolved into a sophisticated humanitarian aid outfit, and a shadow war is looming. Read more