• Children's

    Me, Milli, and the Mysterious Island

    The second and even fruitier book in the Me, Milli series After crashing Milli’s homemade plane into the sea, our two friends manage to get ashore on a strange island. With a scared little dog, a flying lemon named Benny, and for some reason an old lute, they set out to discover the secret of the mysterious island. So join Marius and Milli in this easy-to-read, funny adventure where they find themselves on the bottom of the ocean, climbing trees and flying through the sky, run into a horde of squealing, bouncing monsters, and somehow have to figure out how to get into big talking rock. Just long enough for young readers to read for themselves, but like every good story, it’s even better to read together. Read more
  • Children's

    Me, Milli, lemons and airplanes

    Fast-paced and funny, with a few sticks of dynamite and some magic lemon sodaA deliciously fruity story about a 10-year-old boy who has been left all alone in the world after his parents, who owned the world’s smallest airline, disappeared on a flight.When Milli suddenly shows up with her plan to blow together an airplane (whatever that means) and lemons begin to fly, his lonely life becomes just a little bit too exciting Just long enough for young readers to give it a go for themselves. And if you would rather read for your children yourself, You shouldn’t be surprised if you enjoyed it too. So get ready to follow Marius and Milli as they start their unlikely friendship and somehow accidentally makes a few people float away into the sky. Read more
  • Children's

    The Horrible Chocolate

    A belly-bubbling hilarious story with a secret, magical ingredient. When Bobby’s last ever favorite chocolate bar gets snatched and gulped down by “The Bog” the school’s biggest bully, he sets out to take revenge. Unfortunately, he is caught by the Bog who locks him down in the sewers. In the dark sewer tunnels, he finds a new friend who happens to have some unusual, maybe even magical advice for getting back at the Bog. When Bobby finally gets his revenge, weird things begin to happen. Things he never could have imagined. Kids and parents will love this wonderful story, packed with humor, action, flying bullies, and rat rockets. Read more