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    Ant Farm (Seamus McCree Book 1)

    Meet Seamus McCree, a single dad, amateur sleuth, champion of the little guy against those who abuse their power. In this page-turner, police can’t figure out why someone murdered thirty-eight retirees at a Labor Day picnic. They enlist Seamus, a financial crimes consultant, to follow the money, taking him from behind his computer to the front lines to help investigators ask the right questions. As Seamus untangles a web of financial chicanery, those threatened hire a hit man who calls himself the Happy Reaper to take out Seamus. He’ll risk his own life to bring justice, but Seamus must overcome his deepest fears when his actions endanger his son. A protagonist written in the tradition of Robert B. Parker, John Sandford, and William Kent Krueger: Seamus is a good guy willing to pay a price to bring justice to the world. Download your copy and join Seamus in his fight to save lives, including his own. The Seamus McCree Series Reading Order Ant Farm Bad Policy Cabin Fever Doubtful Relations Empty Promises False Bottom Furthermore (a novella) Low Tide at Tybee (a novella)