• Religion & Spirituality

    Mystery Babylon, Book 1: the Bear

    As Russia and China plot an attack on the United States, a woman in Alaska becomes ensnared in an FBI investigation that exposes dangerous secrets about her friends. Sierra Forester’s life is at risk as she struggles to evade her enemies in a world where privacy is nearly impossible. Jamie Lee Grey’s captivating post-apocalyptic novel, The Bear, is a thrilling and faith-based adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end.
  • Children's

    Band of Believers, Book 1: Dissent

    To save your life, would you sell your soul? During the tribulation, Willow Archer intends to keep both. She just wants to live a simple life in her quiet Montana town. But when sinister forces begin rounding up Christians, she must make a tough choice: accept the mark, or run for her life? Willow runs. With her brother and a few friends, she decides to flee to the mountains. And danger chases them every step of the way. Turns out, the forest holds its own set of perils. Most of them deadly. Then the group discovers that their pursuers are still hot on their trail. Is it even possible to survive the end of the world? Willow and her band of believers are about to find out. Join their action-packed, suspenseful adventure today. Read more