• Young Adult

    The Darkness Within Karas (The Darkling Duology)

    She needs to find her brother.But she risks never seeing the sun again. Rosa is strong-willed but naïve and she is desperate to locate her missing brother. He disappeared after travelling to the city of Karas to look for work. Could he have become entangled with the notorious Resistance?The young girl must keep her magic hidden whilst searching the depths of the corrupt city. For if the sinister Dark Patrol catch her, she may never see her brother, or the sun, again. This is a prequel novella in The Darkling Duology world and is set 25 years prior to the events of The Shard. It will introduce you to the magic and the history of the city of Karas – the most important setting in The Darkling Duology. If you enjoy books with strong female leads, coming of age stories, adventures in new lands and plenty of magic then buy The Darkness Within Karas and follow Rosa’s desperate mission to save her brother. Read more