• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Dystopia (Dystopia Trilogy Book 1)

    Imagine living in a world where everything you do is controlled. Book 1 in the Dystopia Trilogy In the distant future the United States has been split into two regions separated by a barren wasteland; this is the country of Dystopia. Here the individual is discouraged, freedom is an illusion, food is rationed, and everything you do is tracked by a chip implanted in your arm. This is Dana Ginary’s world. At age seventeen, people receive their career assignments chosen for them by a government body. Forced to work at the Waste Management Plant because she was declared too individualistic, Dana finds herself surrounded by death and brutality. Knowing her days are numbered, she looks for a way to leave the plant before she, too, becomes one of its causalities. It is then she meets a man named George and soon finds herself caught up in a cat and mouse game between the resistance and the Dystopian government. Dana finds herself faced with an agonizing choice of whom she will betray and whom she will save: her friend George, her parents, or herself. The eyes are always watching. What other Amazon customers are saying about this dystopian fiction, young adult novel: "I admired the author on her ability to craft out a novel so real as if it is happening right now. Well done!" –Zhu Hsia "An excellent start to this series and I must admit that I read the last two first! I had to read the first one to see what action I had missed previously." –A Navy Vet…VT town TOP 500 REVIEWER "Well developed characters, good pacing and plot. I enjoyed it enough that I am going to read the second novel in the trilogy…" –Albert Bowes "The story is a mind engrosser and makes you read till the last page non-stop. It is highly recommended for the young adults and even adults as it makes a good read for day. As the length is not very long it might keep you a bit jumpy in the most exciting way." –Sukritti Goyal
  • Young Adult

    Sugar and Spice and Not So Nice

    A Cozy Mystery Bestseller! And it’s yours for Free! Want a light hearted mystery with a paranormal twist? Want a book you can read in a couple of hours? My name is Mellow Summers and I am twenty-six years old. I was never one to believe in ghosts, but all that changed the day I decided to attend a university up in Vermont. I don’t know why I wanted to go to Vermont, considering that I hate the cold. I guess I just wanted to get away from my parents for a while, who had made it their mission in life to tell me how to live. Anyway, like I said, I never believed in ghosts. That is, not until I met Rachel. And my life has never been the same since.